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    - CLIMATE UNITY-    

Carbon production/Carbon reduction.
Wealthy people and wealthy countries are not contributing
their fair share in lowering carbon emissions

Poor people and poor countries are contributing a great deal more by lowering their emissions with their enforced ‘minimalistic’ approach to living.

What does transition to Net Zero really mean?
Net Zero 'removing as many emissions as we produce'.

How can you transition to a Net Zero way of living?
Introducing CEECO: The Clean Energy ECOnomy®
The focus now being on a ‘Circular System’.

Will an entire economical and societal shift be needed to accomplish Net Zero?
To fully accomplish Net Zero globally…a BIG shift is the PREFERRED option!

The opportunity to get rid of old clapped out cars, old appliances, old buildings (including ‘high rise ‘prisons'), and replace them with ‘eco-people-friendly’ alternatives.

Cars, along with many other ‘luxuries,’ are in many cases not necessary and abstaining, or at least buying greenvehicles, will automatically help reduce the carbon footprint (watch buying 'stuff' video).

Transition options with CEECO (9 Hour work week).

SYNERGY…It’s simply a matter of working ‘Together’!

The concept is very simple but also very powerful...'people helping people'.
This is the direct opposite of our existing and failing govenrment / corporate 'greed-winner-takes-all' approach.

With a unified global acceptence and implementation of the new Clean Energy ECOnomy ‘CEECO’ (along with the UN's Sustainable Development goals) we can have an immediate impact on lowering carbon emissions and reducing poverty.

Climate Unity (Impact on Poverty)

The current drive towards Net Zero will push food and energy prices much higher with greater impact on the poor. Studies show the current policies to fight Climate Change will push an added 50 million people into poverty by 2030!

Clean Energy Carbon Credit 'CECC'
A Win-Win solution... 
Protecting the Environment & Reducing Extreme Poverty’.
This involves a carbon capture and carbon reduction program (Clean Energy Carbon Credit: CECC Co2 emission permit, plus CECC Crypto token) which essentially creates a ‘Clean Energy Fund’ which is used to both improve the environment (
fund projects) while drastically reducing the impact of the polluting fossil fuels (carbon reduction). Along with the funding of carbon reduction projects part of the profits are re-distributed on a per capita basis.  This is accomplished through our various partner programs. Worldwide participation can bring positive results in a relatively short period of time.

A Global ‘Re-distribution of Wealth’ can take place at the same time.

Asset creation and Asset recycling program. The implementaion of GREEN crypto currencies can help create a global distribution of wealth. All profits are re-distributed on a per capita basis.  This is accomplished through our various partner programs.

*The UN's Sustainable Development Goals also play an intergal part in our 'World Unification' program.

Poorer people and poorer countries will benefit.
They’ll receive monies /payouts from the MLGM-CEECO Clean Energy Fund.


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Your 4 Steps Towards Net Zero...

1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

2. Invest In Clean Energy Crypto's.
Your Own Clean Energy / Sustainability Fund

'Re-distribution of Wealth' Asset Creation + Asset Recycling. more info

3. Use The Profits To Fund
Your New Sustainable LifeStyle



4. Help Others Around The World Do The Same!
Promote the Clean Energy Economy and Sustainability
Development Goal/s of Your Choosing. Profit from your efforts!


Join the GreenPals Cooperative