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‘UNSDGs’ Climate Action - Clean Water and Sanitation. -  Affordable and Clean Energy  - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure - Sustainable Cities and Communities - Responsible Consumption and Production - Life Below Water - Life on Land - Partnerships to achieve the Goal

ZERO 2030...The Climate Crisis!

The challenge is BIG…Are You Up For It?

We’re all worried about the climate crisis and carbon emissions. But by making immediate changes 'together' we can reverse the human destruction of our planet.

With current policies and pledges, global warming by the end of this century is expected to reach 2.8 °C (5.0 °F).

At the current greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rate, the carbon budget for staying below 1.5 °C (2.7 °F)...
will be exhausted by 2030!

MLGM's 'CEECONOMICS'(Clean Energy ECOnomy)
A Sustainable LifeStyle Solution

We encourage a Synergistic approach to lifestyle change along with positive and speedy reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

We aim to make 'Climate Positive' status a global phenomenon by reducing the level of Co2 emission per capita on our planet by using Clean Energy Carbon Credit Co2 Emission Permits to help control personal, household, and business Carbon Emissions (Footprint).'CEECONOMICS'...and the 'Climate Value Chain'

Through the sale of CECC Co2 Emissions Permits and worldwide acceptance of MLGM's range of sustainable and environmentally friendly crypto currencies, funding and development of vital environmental preservation & restoration projects can be increased while at the same time help tackle the ever increasing problem of global 'Poverty.'

Our  programs are accessible to all who wish to participate. Join the fight against Global Warming.
Learn and benefit from the new
financial world of environmental crypto currencies.


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